I'm bringing (machine) quilting back

I've been doing a LOT of hand sewing lately, but very little machine work (and blogging), despite the fact that I've got a LOT of projects that are in various stages of completion that really need to get done. Today I finally got back in the groove of things since I have to make a baby quilt for a girl. And fast. Like the baby was due today. Or actually yesterday since it's now like 3 a.m. Anyway. I found the cutest panels online a few months ago and just fell in love with them! It's from the What a World line by Jill McDonald. They are so, so cute. Here's one of the 15 different panels:


I don't have the best plan for this quilt; I've kind of been winging it so far. So far I've added a really thin border of white around each square and then am adding a thicker border of a black fabric with white polka dots. After that? I'm still figuring it out. Here's a preview though!


(And of course there's one of my quilting day essentials - a TV show on DVD that I love that I don't have to pay too much attention to, this time the Gilmore Girls.) Here's hoping I keep making progress tomorrow, er, today.