Damn you, Stephenie Meyer!

Despite the stash-busting challenge, my free time has not been devoted to quilt making this week. While I didn't think it was likely, I got sucked in by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, which is a sweet - and dangerous - love affair between a teenager and a vampire. Who knew I'd enjoy it so much?

I've been reading it nearly non-stop, but also not hurrying too fast. I'm sure there will be a letdown and withdrawal stage when I am finished with the series.

I keep thinking tonight is Thursday, probably because I have to wake up early tomorrow and work in the morning. Oy. Not especially looking forward to the alarm going off before sunrise on Saturday, but oh well, what can I do?

I'm heading out tonight with Natalie to see Chicago at Purdue. I am excited! I love going to shows like this.


Organized. Seriously!

Anyone who knows me -- and also knows my living arrangements -- is well aware that organized is not an adjective often used to describe me or my apartment. I mean well, but you know how it goes when a full-time job intersects with a full-time hobby. And a love/need of sleep, that is. It doesn't help when you try to cram a 2,100-square-foot house into a two-bedroom apartment.

But I have a secret weapon -- my mom! She just rocks. And she just spent two weeks visiting me, which is so nice because I love to have her around. She's super easy-going and always nice (too bad that seemed to skip me!). She's also the best organizer I've ever met. When I moved to New York one fall in the senior year of college, she helped pack my car. She had every crevice filled, and I swear she would have rolled up socks and stuck them in the exhaust pipe if she could.

Anyway, she spent much of the last two weeks reorganizing my apartment. She seems to do this every visit, but I'm always impressed with her ability to not get overwhelmed by all my "stuff" and finds homes for everything.

This was very evident tonight when I came home from work and was NOT looking forward to digging through my stuff to find my passport, which I was going to need to vote. I haven't used my passport in nine years (sigh), and wasn't expecting it to be handy.

Well I found it. In like a minute! That was awesome. Now I can spend my night doing other things, like quilting or reading the second Twilight book.

Hopefully not messing up my apartment!


I wish I were sleeping

I got woken up around 15 minutes ago by a stabbing feeling in the bottom of my left foot. Fun! It's been such a bad week: every day I've been having serious pain issues, and my pain medicine does not seem to be helping. I have had a ton to do at work, so I have had to go in, even when I've been feeling like crap. Being in pain pretty much all the time - in varying degrees - just really sucks, to say the least. I hate how it saps all the good stuff going on, and just makes me feel desperate. I just want it to stop!

Meanwhile, I've been trying to cut blocks for a Snoopy fabric quilt I am working on. I am so excited about it! It will be pretty simple, but I think it will showcase the fabric nicely. I hope to start sewing the blocks together this week.

I am still in last place in the stash-busting contest! I hate being last, but I have a lot of quilts partially done. I need to actually finish them so I can get the points. Here are some pictures of my recent work and works in progress.

Here's a pillow I made out of scraps from my dog quilt back and my bright squares quilt. (yes, very creative names, I know.)

Close up of the pillow's quilting. I quilted wavy lines on the back too.

The pieced back of my dog quilt. I love the way it turned out!