Damn you, Stephenie Meyer!

Despite the stash-busting challenge, my free time has not been devoted to quilt making this week. While I didn't think it was likely, I got sucked in by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, which is a sweet - and dangerous - love affair between a teenager and a vampire. Who knew I'd enjoy it so much?

I've been reading it nearly non-stop, but also not hurrying too fast. I'm sure there will be a letdown and withdrawal stage when I am finished with the series.

I keep thinking tonight is Thursday, probably because I have to wake up early tomorrow and work in the morning. Oy. Not especially looking forward to the alarm going off before sunrise on Saturday, but oh well, what can I do?

I'm heading out tonight with Natalie to see Chicago at Purdue. I am excited! I love going to shows like this.

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