I need the distraction ...

While watching and posting updates of the Purdue and Rice football game today. (It's been a tough game to watch so far.)

This is a custom baby quilt order for my friend, Kathy. It's for her second little girl, Kaitlyn. I made this quilt for her first daughter, Grace, last year.

Flower baby quilt

The current quilt will have a similar layout, but with butterflies instead of flowers. And with a different color scheme, this time using pink, green, white and brown. I've only got about 3.5 more blocks to finish the hand applique on, then can put them together to quilt. I hope it turns out cute!


Backblogged - Winners & Losers

Walmart. It's always an interesting trip. I found these in the women's section a couple weeks ago. Oh my.


Needless to say, I didn't find any cute clothes there to buy. The trip wasn't a total loss. I found this Peanuts flannel in the fabric section. So cute! I am thinking I will either make pillowcases or some pajama pants or shorts.


I also couldn't pass these up. Yum! I wish Target would stock them.


While at Walmart, I also stopped by the Fashion Bug next store since I had a $10 off anything coupon. I found a couple cute summer shirts on clearance and a pair of cropped jeans. This one is my favorite.



Finished (a few weeks ago)

I've really been working along on a variety of projects lately, but sadly neglecting my blog. Anyway, here's a look at the entire order of dishcloths I finished a couple weeks ago.




I really had fun making these and have since made two more. And (what is common behavior for me) bought enough cotton yarn for several more. I'm always like "WHEE! So fun! Must knit hundreds of dishcloths, so will buy enough yarn for all of them now!" Then a day later I get distracted by another craft project.