You're killing me here

I love visiting the local library every now and again to check out its selection of books, especially the ones focused on quilting, knitting and other crafts. I try not to buy many craft books, unless I know I will use them a lot. They are so expensive and these days you can find so much information for free on the Internet.

Anyway, as I was quickly picking out books this week, one of the ones I checked out was Cut-Loose Quilts, which encouraged a lot of "wonky" sewing ... free-form piecing and cutting.


Sounds pretty cool, huh? That's what I was thinking. And I liked a lot of the quilts pictured in the book. But then I started reading it.




I couldn't believe what I was seeing.



And this was included as an editor's note:

"With respect to Jan's wicked wayz, we have honored her use of the letter z at the end of many words, as well as her intentional misspellings of words such as "goosez." Her use of z in place of s reflects the rule-breaking freedom and poetic license of her designs."

Uh, no.

Reading that book was torture. I was done before I had barely started. What a hot mess.


Inspiration a la Pinterest

Along with a large portion of the Internet, I have recently found myself wasting, I mean spending, a lot of time on Pinterest. And wow, there is so much to look at and be inspired by! One of my favorite quilt projects I've seen there are quilts that have blocks that look just like Polaroid photos. So cute!

Of course I didn't waste hardly any time at all before I started digging through my novelty prints. I have a ton of novelty prints, but don't use them as often as I should in "normal" projects. So far, picking prints out that would work as "photographs" has been fun.

In progress - Polaroid photo blocks

I haven't worked too much on this quilt so far, but it has been nice to have a different project to pick up once in a while between my obligation projects and my ongoing handquilting spree.