You're killing me here

I love visiting the local library every now and again to check out its selection of books, especially the ones focused on quilting, knitting and other crafts. I try not to buy many craft books, unless I know I will use them a lot. They are so expensive and these days you can find so much information for free on the Internet.

Anyway, as I was quickly picking out books this week, one of the ones I checked out was Cut-Loose Quilts, which encouraged a lot of "wonky" sewing ... free-form piecing and cutting.


Sounds pretty cool, huh? That's what I was thinking. And I liked a lot of the quilts pictured in the book. But then I started reading it.




I couldn't believe what I was seeing.



And this was included as an editor's note:

"With respect to Jan's wicked wayz, we have honored her use of the letter z at the end of many words, as well as her intentional misspellings of words such as "goosez." Her use of z in place of s reflects the rule-breaking freedom and poetic license of her designs."

Uh, no.

Reading that book was torture. I was done before I had barely started. What a hot mess.

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