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Walmart. It's always an interesting trip. I found these in the women's section a couple weeks ago. Oh my.


Needless to say, I didn't find any cute clothes there to buy. The trip wasn't a total loss. I found this Peanuts flannel in the fabric section. So cute! I am thinking I will either make pillowcases or some pajama pants or shorts.


I also couldn't pass these up. Yum! I wish Target would stock them.


While at Walmart, I also stopped by the Fashion Bug next store since I had a $10 off anything coupon. I found a couple cute summer shirts on clearance and a pair of cropped jeans. This one is my favorite.


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Natalie said...

What Walmart do you shop at that still has fabric? I'm intrigued. Also, a certain quilt camp leader with a daughter who is also a quilter got all camp counselors to wear wolf shirts on Wednesday's. She's also a teacher and now has students who follow the tradition. I think they're single handedly keeping the wolf shirt business afloat. It's all documented in her blog so I'll have to share the address with you.