I wish I were sleeping

I got woken up around 15 minutes ago by a stabbing feeling in the bottom of my left foot. Fun! It's been such a bad week: every day I've been having serious pain issues, and my pain medicine does not seem to be helping. I have had a ton to do at work, so I have had to go in, even when I've been feeling like crap. Being in pain pretty much all the time - in varying degrees - just really sucks, to say the least. I hate how it saps all the good stuff going on, and just makes me feel desperate. I just want it to stop!

Meanwhile, I've been trying to cut blocks for a Snoopy fabric quilt I am working on. I am so excited about it! It will be pretty simple, but I think it will showcase the fabric nicely. I hope to start sewing the blocks together this week.

I am still in last place in the stash-busting contest! I hate being last, but I have a lot of quilts partially done. I need to actually finish them so I can get the points. Here are some pictures of my recent work and works in progress.

Here's a pillow I made out of scraps from my dog quilt back and my bright squares quilt. (yes, very creative names, I know.)

Close up of the pillow's quilting. I quilted wavy lines on the back too.

The pieced back of my dog quilt. I love the way it turned out!

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Natalie said...

You're inspired me to try pillows!