Rhymes with orange

I went to Joann's this afternoon to buy fabric for the back of the last top I finished. I bought a really cool orange fabric with white polka dots. I was kind of undecided about getting the orange, but while I was pondering the decision, a woman who I remembered from quilt camp came along and made the decision for me! It was nice and helpful to have a second opinion, since I like input on big choices like that. I bought some pretty purple for the binding. I figured as long as I was doing such a bright front and back, I might as well go all the way.

Other than that, no other fabric! I was so proud. I also bought a big spool of white thread for my machine and two spools of orange, which I think I will use for the machine quilting of this quilt. I hope that if the quilting isn't perfect it won't show too much on the back. I'll probably quilt it simply, so hopefully the front looks OK too.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I've still been dealing with a sore, scratchy throat, headaches, what have you. My doctor told me that I've got a sinus infection ... fun! I filled a prescription this afternoon, so I hope I'm feeling better soon.

When I got home tonight I saw a guy out walking two adorable beagles ... one a smallish puppy! It made me so sad.

I miss my husband. I miss my dogs. I miss my house.

I miss so much of my "before" life.

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how you miss your "before" life -- but I'd like to tell you that if you were not who you are now, I may not have known you. And really, Christy, you have touched my life and made it much better. I wish you peace, my friend. You are so creative just look at all of your lovely quilts. You are an inspiration to me and probably many who know you for all that you are and do. God is watching over you.