Losing my motivation for photos

I've been really bad lately about taking photos of my current projects. I blame that on the fact that I lost my camera connection cord and have mostly been loading photos onto my work computer since it's much easier than doing it to my home PC. (I won't mention the fact that my digital camera had slid underneath my bed and had temporarily been MIA. It's been recovered now through.)

This kinda makes me sad though because I've been engrossed in cutting a bunch of squares for my next project, which is kind of hard to describe ... which is why I should have taken photos of my plan! Well, anyway, I had a plastic container full of the some of the pieces I had cut ... hundreds of bright 2.5" squares. Plus, I had them arranged in rainbow order - ROYGBIV anyone? :) - so they looked soo cool. But I was impatient and wanted to start sewing them together before I found my camera. Sadness.

Although now that I've made this confession I feel more motivated to go home tonight and snap some pics of my other stack - in ROYGBIV order as well, but not quite as stunning - for the other portions of the quilt. Plus, I finished the 40 nine patches that will serve as the outside-ish border and inside central area. I've used so many bright, pretty fabrics for this quilt, I'm excited about it. I'm not sure what I think of the actual design, since it's really, really simple and not typically "me," but if nothing else, it should serve as a good "extra" quilt ... for my guest room or quilt camp or something. I also hope to machine quilt it, since I am not so scared of "ruining" it with lackluster, inexperienced machine quilting. I've never machine quilted anything larger than a wall hanging, so I am kind of nervous about that prospect.

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