A weekend state of mind

Ahh, glorious weekend! It's funny how much my state o' mind changes when the weekend rolls around. I love to sleep (surprise), but sometimes I don't want to waste my weekend time sleeping when there are so many other things I'd rather be doing!

Tomorrow I'm heading downtown with my mum ... we're doing the farmers market thing and checking out the sights with my Little Visitor. I hope the weather stays nice so I can get lots of pictures.

Sunday is the quilting day, so I am psyched about that. I still am undecided about what to work on, but I'm leaning toward my dog quilt. I've gotten a few blocks done, but still have lots to do. Either that or my postage stamp quilt, but I'm not sure my patience is up for that!

I've been working on the handquilting on Josh's quilt some more and only have like 1.5 sides of the border more to do. So close! I need to get some photos of it ... in all the time my mom and I have been working on it, I don't think we've taken any photos.

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my tax stimulus check. That is the only way I may be able to swing quilt camp this month. Gotta keep my fingers crossed.

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