Who knew - I had a productive weekend

So not only did I finish my orange quilt this weekend, but I finished my latest knitting project, a scarf I've been ogling for months.

I bought the yarn, a Noro Taiyo skein, while I was visiting my sister a couple weeks ago. I knew what I wanted to make before I even picked it out, and just hoped there was enough to get a decent length scarf. I could have used another skein just to make it longer, since I am a fan of long scarves, but I couldn't justify spending that much money for a scarf. It was hard enough to shell out the money for one skein, but I adore it so much!

Ugh, I miss my camera so much! In lieu of a real photo, here's links to the scarf pattern and the yarn that I got (and the shop I went to!). It was awesome to get into the yarn shop, since the one here in town has steps. :(

This is a link to the pattern I used, and here is the yarn I bought.

Too bad it's too warm to wear it! Maybe by the time it's cold out again, I'll have figured out how to do a hat or mittens.

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