Wow, it's so ... big!

This quilt got a bit out of control with me! I love, love, love it, but man is it huge! I think because the blocks were so large and so quick to put together it turned out larger than I thought. Add in two borders and we're around 75 x 100!

Needless to say, I didn't measure the quilt top before I bought the back and ended up with not quite enough yardage. Now I'm in the middle of make a long strip of black and white blocks to make the backing actually fit. Oy.



Note to self: That measuring thing is kind of helpful.
Note to self 2: How in the world am I going to quilt this?


Pam said...

What a fun quilt! You asked about my block pattern...no, it isn't online but I could email it to you if you like.

Amy Neubert said...

Love, love, love the design and colors. Very chic, yet classic. Always in awe of your ability to pull such distinct colors, patterns, etc. together. Nice job!

CJ said...

LOVE this quilt! I really want to make a black and white and _____ quilt. STUNNING!