Quilt and sock progress

Remember this quilt?

Disappearing nine-patch

Well, I finally went out and bought backing and binding fabric for it. All of the top is made from charm packs from the Wonderland line by Momo. When I bought those, though, I didn't buy any backing fabric. It was kind of hard to find a coordinating fabric that I liked, since the colors are kind of muted, but I picked these up at Joann's. The aqua is for the back, the dark brown w/ polka dots is for the binding.

Wonderland top w/ binding & backing fabrics

When I was visiting my parents over Easter, my mom even helped me get it pinned. If only I could motivate myself to get the quilting started.

On the knitting front, I finished a pair of socks! I finished sock two from the pair that I posted about previously. Check out the finished product - definitely cankle friendly!


It was weird how they knitted up. The yarn pooled quite differently from foot to foot.



And right:


And that is just a small tidbit of my exciting craft adventures. More coming!

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