Postage stamp progress

Can I just say that I am thrilled with how this is going so far? It's unbelievably tedious and really slow going, but I think I am going to love it after it's all done.

As mentioned previously, I have really started working in earnest on my postage stamp charm quilt. I really hadn't taken the time to layout any of the finished blocks until last night, and am really loving how this looks. Good lord though, I really need a design wall!

Postage stamp charm quilt - work in progress

This is nowhere near done. So far, this photo includes almost all my turquoise, orange, black and black & white blocks. I still have more pink, red, purple and yellow blocks to sew. And I haven't even sorted my blues, greens, browns and whites/beiges. I'm thinking this is going to turn out huge.

I'm also still not sure on how to arrange all the blocks. Anyone have any ideas? One of the dilemmas is that the amounts of the colors is really varied. Since it's all scraps, I have a lot more of some colors, like blue and green, than I do others like yellow and orange. I'm open to suggestions!

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