Because I need another hobby ...

I spent part of this weekend teaching myself to crochet, mostly because I wanted to make this little cape, called forget-me-not. Because I just wear capes soo often. But it has ruffles, so I couldn't resist.

I had sort of taught myself some crochet stitches a few months ago, but I never started a project. I mostly forgot what little I had learned before, but this project has been pretty easy to start and make progress on with very little teeth gnashing.

I didn't really have any problems making the foundation for the ruffles, but when it came time to add those, I was having trouble figuring out where exactly they were supposed to go. I had an entire row put on before I started questioning whether I had been adding them to the correct side or not. Ugh! So I ripped out all the ruffles and flipped the thing over and started again. I still don't know if I'm putting them in the correct spot. I was hoping to at least get that row finished before I went to bed tonight. I am so excited to get this project finished!

The forget-me-not has been quite a fun project so far (other than the backtracking), since it is so simple and quick. It's been relaxing because it's easy to keep track of the pattern and it's really a treat to not have to stop to check the pattern every few stitches. Now I want to add ruffles to everything!

While working on this tonight I watched two discs of Planet Earth, which I've been getting through Netflix. It's fascinating stuff and gorgeous imagery, but I should know better than to watch nature documentaries. I always end up crying when an animal gets hurt or dies. I know, I know, the whole circle of life thing, yada yada, but I still get upset.

Oh, and I also just finished the book "The Hunger Games" over the weekend. It was so, so good! It is so not like anything I would normally read, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance. Now I am so excited about reading book 2 soon.

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