I was thinking that the reason I haven't been quilting was because I've been so busy doing other crafty things and reading a lot.

Maybe not. I sat out in my living room for like an hour earlier trying to pick a project to work on and NOTHING appealed to me. At least not any projects that are in progress. Many of them are held up in one stage or another (mostly finished tops), and nothing is getting done.

I have SO many projects started that I feel guilty starting another. But when it comes down to starting something new or not quilting at all, I'm torn. I can't keep starting quilt tops and never actually layering and then quilting them. I think the main problem is that I don't have anywhere in my apartment where I can baste or pin quilts. That is a definite challenge. I think I may have to use the tables at work again soon so I can remedy my huge backlog of quilt tops.


Natalie said...

can we go somewhere to layer some of your quilts when I come in two weeks? or maybe I can take a few and have mike help me? we'll get it figured out!!

ellesquare said...

Girl, we are in the same boat. Except that I want to work on everything instead of nothing. The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild has a challenge in June to finish outstanding projects, so I'm pushing through to complete my Friday Night Brights number. Actually I told my husband yesterday that I was going to try to extend the philosophy through the whole summer, finishing all of the in-progress stuff I've got lying about (I.e. 5 quilt tops). Good luck to both of us!

(you should join the IMQG (it's free) - we've got people from all over the state, and we meet monthly)