It's turkey lurkey time

Tomorrow (or actually today) I'm heading back to my old stomping grounds for a mini Thanksgiving break. It should make for an interesting weekend. My whole family stuffed together into a house, with lots of tryptophan coursing through our blood. My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next month, so my mom asked one of my brothers-in-law to bring his nice camera and get photos of the family, including group shots of each of our "individual" families and of the whole bunch. Oy. Not much else helps draw more attention to my current living arrangement than the thought of it being captured for all eternity on Kodak paper.

Other than that awkward situation, I hope it ends up being a nice visit. Even though I am trying to do as much of a homemade Christmas as possible, the thought of battling the crowds this Friday is a strange sort of urge to me. I don't know why I want to submit myself for the surefire pain in the ass, but I just do. I like the crowds, the freak shows, the bad fashion. So much fun.

I most likely won't update until I get back next week. My parents have, get this, DIAL UP INTERNET! Hard to believe it still exists! :) I hope I can continue my fast-moving craft trajectory while I am away, and even better, get a chance to stock up on some more knitting supplies! I hope I can find a yarn shop in Fort Wayne.

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