Peanuts quilt progress

I got a lot done this weekend! (As long as we're not talking about the pile of dirty dishes or unfolded laundry anyway.)

I worked some more on my holiday gifts that I have in the works, finishing another scarf and starting another. I'll try to get photos of them soon.

I also finished putting all the blocks of my Snoopy quilt together! Yay! I like it much better now, which is good, because how sad would it be to have an ugly Snoopy quilt? That would suck.

So now I'm trying to think of what to do with the borders. I'm going to do the Charlie Brown shirt zigzag on the back in yellow and black, but I'm still kind of meh about the borders. I hope I come up with something soon! And then the quilting pattern. Eek. I could spend months quilting that sucker by hand with all kinds of cool Snoopy/Peanuts designs, but do I want to devote that kind of time into it?

Here it is (needing an ironing, of course):

Snoopy quilt top

Snoopy quilt

I went and saw "Twilight" on Sunday afternoon. I went in thinking it wasn't going to be that good, but it was better than I expected. The actors playing Bella and Edward were awesome, but I didn't really like the Jacob actor. He didn't have much of a part in it as well. Plus his friends all had really long hair, and that bothered me because in the book they didn't. Not a huge deal or anything, but still. I also got asked to fill out a survey while waiting in the lobby and then got a free soft drink, saving me about $12. Just kidding, but I still can't get over how jacked up prices are at movies for stuff like that. It did make me feel less guilty for getting a regular popcorn with extra butter!

I saw a tutorial for making a chipmunk out of a glove on etsy last week and of course decided I needed to make one. Or 10. So I went to Wal-Mart last week and bought a bunch of cheap gloves and cheap socks (for a variety of sock creatures that I have wanted to make as well).

Who knew how long these dang these were going to take? Well, longer than I expected. But I finished a chipmunk (I wish I had used a lighter brown glove), but he didn't photograph well. His name is Woody. I also knitted him a small scarf because he looked kinda naked.

Woody close-up

Woody the chipmunk

And then I thought I'd try a skunk out of the same pattern. And since I had a hunk of white fur just sitting around I thought I would add that as well. That stuff SUCKS to sew with! It looks cute, but my bed was COVERED in fake white fur last night. The skunk still needs its arms and face put on, but that will be easier compared to sewing the fur on. (Also not a good picture, but oh well.)

Partially finished skunk

The skunk looks a bit punk rock from that angle, with the white mohawk and all. I'll try to get better photos after I finish it tonight. :)


Natalie said...

I'm glad you're liking the Peanuts quilt. I'm excited to see it. And I love your chipmunk - especially the ears!

We'll have to discuss Twilight. I have some differing opinions. (And weren't Jacob's friends hair long in the first book and cut off in the second??)

Christy said...

I might be wrong about the hair issue. I know it was short later on ... I may have forgotten about it in the first book since a lot of the things I should have paid attention to (the whole werewolf idea, for example) and didn't.

Do you have any border ideas? Colors? I was thinking maybe red then black?