Another new project

I've really been in the mood lately to do some embroidery, but I wasn't sure what I was going to work on. I've seen lots of cute patterns out and about, but couldn't find the perfect project. Then I was inspired by my two favorite hippos: George and Martha!


I just laid a piece of muslin over the book and lightly traced with a mechanical pencil.

Here is a photo of the first one. I've now finished two of these, each with a different pattern.


The hardest point has been picking out the pictures! There are so many cute ones, but I don't want the story lines to be lost to people not hip to the George and Martha and the underlying humor.

I have another one done, but haven't gotten photos yet. I think I will try to work these into a quilt top. Maybe a non-perfect log cabin style?


Miri said...

This is adorable! Definitely put them into a quilt.

Darci said...

Oh this is going to be amazing. The hippo is so cute. I love to embroider isn't it so relaxing?!?!

Christy said...

Thanks! I love to embroider too. I like having all the colors to work with ... it's pretty hard to mess up too, which doesn't hurt!