Back in the saddle

So I got back into the quilting groove a couple weeks ago at the monthly Sunday quilting gathering. I started working on a wonky log cabin quilt I am making for someone as a gift. I was moving along at a decent clip until it happened: I sliced my left index finger open with my rotary cutter. Ouch! There was actual bloodshed over a quilt project -- that was a first. I bandaged up though and kept sewing, but laid off the rotary cutting for the day.

My injury really put me out of commission for a while! Not only did it make my rotary cutting complex worse, but the cut was right where I put my yarn on my left index finger when I knit! I was pretty much not crafting at all there for a week or so.

The Band-aid is finally off, and it's hardly noticeable that I was ever injured, minus a tiny scar. Just what I need - more evidence that I'm accident/injury prone.

I have lived to tell the tale though, and lived to quilt another day. On Saturday I climbed back into the quilting saddle and got back to work on the wonky log cabin, which I am doing in red, yellow, blue, black and white. It's not as gaudy as it sounds, at least I hope not!

After working on it all day Saturday, on and off Sunday and then a couple hours tonight, I am SO close to having the blocks done! I have 36 blocks, and will be cutting them down to 8.5" squares. I am not sure yet if I will do sashing or not ... I'll have to wait and see how they look after I lay them out. (The colors are inspired by a focus fabric, I didn't just pick them randomly.)

In other news, I'm headed back to my parents' house this weekend for my sister's birthday! I am excited since I don't go there too often and there's a couple of fun options this weekend, including a scrapbooking mini-retreat or a big quilt festival/lecture/show/market. Both sound like lots of fun. And possibly a lot of temptation to spend money!

And in other other news ... I got a new job! Not an entirely new job, since our areas are getting reorganized, but still, a lot of newness! I am really excited, since I will be working in the online experience and new media group. It sounds like it will combine a lot of my interests and my experience into one. I hope it all goes well. Our new group is meeting up for the first time tomorrow, so I am looking forward to meeting the other people I'll be working with. I am going to miss a lot of my current coworkers though! We may end up in the same building, but right now that's still up in the air. I will miss going for Den pops with my friends, for sure.

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