Reason 4875 why my life sucks

Ha. Kind of kidding about the title, but not completely. I'm spending my day tomorrow getting a root canal, hooray! In good news, however, I am going to a sedation dentist, who is giving me something that will hopefully knock me out so I am not aware of what my mouth is undergoing.

Back when I was getting my wisdom teeth removed, (which were impacted, which made the process even more fun) they put me under. For some reason or another, it didn't completely work and I woke up before they were done. It was pretty creepy to be awake during mouth surgery. And not something I especially want to re-enact. I am going to take my iPhone though, and if nothing else, hope to drone out the dental sounds with music, particularly my current obsession, Owl City. The awesome Adam Young (Owl City himself) has even written a song called "Dental Care." How can you not love a musical artist that can write a cool tune about going to the dentist? Exactly!

In craft news, I've been working on a daisy applique quilt that a friend of mine asked (and is paying!) me to make. I just finished all the blocks and now am trying to figure out what fabric to use for the sashing and borders. It's fun to try out new techniques.

I've been slacking on photos (or downloading them at least) since my card reader stopped working. Here are the flower pieces before they were stitched on the background. I love the colors!

Flower parts

And my other current obsession?




I wish it would stay autumn forever!


Natalie said...

I was just listening to Dental Care yesterday. :) Good luck with the root canal. Hopefully you won't wake up until its over.

SueCrafty said...

Good luck with your root canal, Christy. And thanks for the photos. I love fall, too, it is so beautiful. I especially like your first fall photo. I used to park my bike in that rack, the one on the left. I believe it was for my calculus class. Fall was the best time at Purdue.

*karendianne. said...

I'm hoping the dental situation was survivable. Healing to you and we'll be watching for updates. Ohh, and I love the flower pieces, the colors, delightfully pretty! Enjoyed your autumn photos. *karendianne.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

the fall colors are lovely. thats too bad about the root canal!

MelMel said...

Great blog...I see your a H.Potter fan....me too!
Just got my Dad interested in them too...he loves em!