My super-sweet beagle Shiloh died yesterday. She's been living in Texas with my husband, so I don't get to see much of her or my other dog Daisy. I still love those dogs like crazy though and miss them a lot. We're not sure yet why she died, but they are doing an autopsy to find out. They think it may have been heart-related.

Shiloh cracked me up because she would get so excited that it seemed like her tail was wagging her! Her entire back end would get in on the action when she was happy. She loved playing with Daisy, especially chasing each other around the house. Shiloh also loved her treats and would always chomp hers down right away. Daisy would always want to save hers, but that strategy didn't work too well with Shiloh around.

Daisy and Shiloh were best friends, and it sounds like Daisy is really missing her. I know I will.


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