Blog posting detour

So I know I said I would post more about the glass sculpture and its home in an upcoming post - and I still will - but I've gotten distracted.

Right now? So much fabric, so many options. I don't even know what to work on. I've gotten engrossed in looking for a perfect (or close to perfect) pattern for my recent fabric purchases, but I'm having so much trouble deciding what to do!

I have this set of Hoffman Bali pop batik strips called Strawberry Fields:


This set of Hoffman Bali pop batik strips called Kiwiberry:


And this Moda jelly roll from a line called Charisma:


Oh, and a few things from two recent trips to Joann's. :)

Yes, I know I was on a fabric diet, but I got all the strips during a half-off sale at Fat Quarter Shop before Christmas and Joann's has all its quilting fabric 50 percent off.

And yes, I lost the recent stash busting contest. By a lot.


Cheryl A said...

Check out Exuberant Colour, she does some beautiful, easy things with batiks - good inspiration.

Natalie said...

I notice your Moda's are still wrapped up. What's going on??? Haven't you unrolled them yet? (Are you feeling okay?)

Christy said...

Hee. I didn't unroll them for a few days, actually! It was very unusual for me. They are unrolled now, because I was trying to find other stuff to match them in my stash.

Christy said...

Thanks for the suggestion Cheryl. That blog has some awesome stuff. I can't wait to read more.