Sunday stash - Super Saturday edition part 2

Due to my, uh, not-so-impressive restraint at the Rossville fabric store, I had enough fabric from that outing for two versions of Sunday Stash. I probably had enough for a third part, but I'll pretend that wasn't the case. Plus, there's lots more fabric in my stash for future editions.

I LOVE the fabrics in this first group. I'm thinking these colors as inspiration for a future quilt. I'd also love to have a bag with these fabrics, too. It would totally match my wheelchair.
From left (what info I could find): Fusions; Santorini by Lila Tueller; Shadows by Fabric Freedom in London, England; Floragraphix II by Jason Yenter; Floragraphix IV by Jason Yenter)

These two are from Plume by Tula Pink.

More Plume by Tula Pink. Love this line!

The colors in the photo below are really off. The one on the right is a sort of raspberry and white; the other one is a mix of light green, purple, cream & brown. Not sure what line the left one is from, the right is from City Blooms by Kitty Yoshida.

This is from Fandango for Henry Glass & Co. It's brighter in person.

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Anonymous said...

The top batch is my color scheme; I love it. I also love fabrics, but can't do a thing with them.

Beautiful work, Christy